One of the reasons BF was founded was to address the lack of culturally competent care. We understand personal problems can affect mental health and even trigger relapse. Additionally, these situations may even cause stress, depression, anxiety, substance or alcohol use and mental health needs. It is important to seek help and our Behavioral health programs can help those reach their recovery and community assistance goals. Our behavioral health experts can help you reach recovery and the right treatment. Getting treatment, counseling or therapy, and community resources and supports can help change your thoughts, feelings, and actions and can help stop unwanted negative behaviors.

Healthy Families Arizona

Healthy Families Arizona at Beia’s Families is designed to help expectant and new parents get their children off to a healthy start. Families are screened according to specific criteria and participate voluntarily in the program. Families that choose to participate receive home visits and referrals from trained staff. Program services are designed to strengthen families during the critical first years of a child’s life – the time when early brain development occurs, laying the foundation for a lifetime of memories, behaviors, and outcomes. Through its efforts to support and educate families, the program has shown to reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect, provide stability for at-risk families and has grown a new generation of healthy families in the state. Intensity of services is based on each family’s needs, beginning weekly and moving gradually to quarterly home visits as families become more self-sufficient. Healthy Families services may continue if needed until the child turns five years old.

Beia’s Families Peer Support

Beia’s Families Peer Support Program initiative is a comprehensive program designed to provide daily support and encouragement to individuals facing various challenges while fostering a sense of community and promoting mental well-being. The program meets five times a week and is structured to create a supportive environment for participants. Our Peer support program has been recognized for it’s effectiveness in promoting well-being, reducing isolation and providing assistance with coordination of care and resources. Whether addressing mental health challenges, chronic illnesses, addiction recovery psychoeducation and relapse prevention, our program harnesses the power of Shared experiences that foster resilience and provides mutual support amongst peers.

  • Daily Group Sessions
  • Peer Sharing

    Peers share their experiences, challenges, and successes while creating a sense of accountability and camaraderie

  • Theme Based Sessions

    Introduced each day to keep discussions varied and engaged and include coping skills and strategies, goal-setting, self-care practices and persona growth.

  • Interactive Activities

    Incorporation of interactive activities such as group exercise, mindfulness practices, and collaborative projects to enhance engagement and connection among peers.

Beia’s Families Supportive Services Program

Supportive Services provides comprehensive and coordinated care to approach mental health care, promote recovery, resilience and community integration through our supportive services.

  • Daily Peer Support Groups
  • Individualized Case Management
  • Navigation of community resources such as SNAP nutrition benefits

  • Psychoeducational supports/groups
  • Skills Training
  • Employment and career development resources
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Empowerment Housing

Beia’s Families Pride Connection Program

Beia’s Families Pride Connection Program is a supportive and inclusive program designed to provide resources, education, and a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and questioning young people. Our program is designed to provide an open forum to address the unique challenges faced while navigating adolescence and identities. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and affirming environment while providing psychoeducational services and provide support, resources and opportunities. Every young person is encouraged to embrace their true selves.